Just 5 Hours!
Thank you for volunteering in our school!  On this page you will find our list of volunteer events. Go to any volunteer event below and click where you want to volunteer.  
PTA is starting a new Volunteer program called the 5 Hour Power that emphasizes that all help, any help makes a huge difference for schools. The research is so clear - kids at schools with a broad base of involved parents perform markedly better on all kinds of key school measures.

Will you please take the 5 Hour Involvement Pledge?

It's simple. Give 5 Hours of your time during the school year. From attending a PTA meeting to being a part of a committee to looking for donations at home on your own computer or even attending a PTA sponsored eventevery hour makes a difference.

As you'll see from the list of volunteer opportunities, we'd love to help you get involved in any way that works for your schedule and interests. What would you like to do? When would you like to do it? We'd like to work with you to make sure all parents can pitch in. Involvement is for everyone.

We'd love your 5 Hours, and --Really! We promise! - there's no obligation beyond helping out in this small, but important way. If you'd like to do more - great, but we know that's not a fit for everyone.

Togetherwe can make a huge difference at our school! As always, please feefree to call or emaiif you have any questions or concerns.


Thanks in advance ,

Robin Driggers

ImperialPTA President


email: imperialptapresident@gmail.com